PROTECTIVE CASE IS SOLD SEPARATELY IN ACCESSORIES The RH2 includes all of the attributes that make Laser Link rangefinders popular with golfers of all skill levels. Easy targeting and easy to read make the RH2 golf’s most popular rangefinder. The pistol-shaped rangefinder makes it easy to read the distance to any target on the golf course - flagsticks, trees, hazards, etc. - at the touch of a button. KEY FEATURES PROTECTIVE CASE SOLD SEPARATELY - VIEW CASES ► Red-dot alignment allows for easy targeting.► LCD Screen is large and easy-to-read.► Includes the Zero-In Alignment System.► Customizable measurement feedback modes include audio, vibrate, and silent.► Measures distance only to conform to USGA and R&H Rules of Golf as well as to USGA Handicap Guidelines.► Fast and accurate distance measurement to any landmark on the golf course. SPECS ► Model RH2414► Size 5.375” x 2” x 3.125”► Weight 6.4 ounces► Battery 9V► Range 1-1000yd (1-900m)► Units yards or meters► Accuracy +/- 1yd (1m)