Golf Outing Game Ideas

Golf outing games are a great way to raise additional money and increase sponsorships for your golf outing. Consider adding some of these games to your next outing!

1. Closest-to-the-Pin 
The closest to the pin game is one of the most played games a golfing events. Closest-to-the-pin is typically played on a o par-three. This game allows players to purchase a chance to win a predetermined prize by hitting a ball closest to the pin. Closest-to-the-pin is won by the golfer whose tee shot comes to rest closest to the hole. 
2. Longest Drive 
Similar to the closest-to-the-pin game, the longest drive game is another highly recognized golf tournament game. The object of the game is to hit the ball the farthest and the straightest. The player that hits it the farthest will win a predetermined prize. Players can either buy a ball or sponsors can buy a sponsorship in order to raise money. 
3. Beat the Pro 
For this game, a golf pro is stationed at a par 3 hole. The Golf Pro will tee off first and then individual players can wager an amount that they can hit closer to the pin than the pro. If a player does not hit closer to the pin on his drive off the tee, then the money he wagered goes into the pot of donations towards your cause. If he does beat the pro, he gets double his wager back 
4. Pro for Hire  
Players can "hire" a pro to hit their drive for them which can end up saving them a couple strokes. If there are prizes rewarded at the outing, charging for this service may make sense. 
5. Hole in one contest 
Players will get a chance to make a hole-in-one for a significant prize. Sponsors can pay to sponsor the contest. In the rare case that players make a hole-in-one, hole-in-one insurance can be purchased to limit liabilities.