How to set up the perfect golf outing!

How to set up the perfect golf outing!

May 30, 2021

How to set up a perfect golf outing

Running a successful golf outing can be hard. If done correctly, golf outings are a great way to raise money for a charity, company, or organization. But, that's easier said than done. Here are 5 simple tips that should help you run a successful golf outing.

#1 Choosing the right golf course

Finding the perfect golf course for your outing can determine how successful the event will be. The perfect golf course for your outing should be the right match and your players. Not only should you choose the right golf course for the players, you should also choose a course that is flexible and reasonable with how they handle their golf outings. Determining the right course can make or break your event. Pick the right course and the customers will come.

#2 Sponsorships are important 

Not only will the golf course make or break the event, but sponsorships are almost just as important. Weeks before the event even starts sponsorships guarantee your outing money. Sponsorships are also very beneficial for both parties. Sponsorships are very beneficial for business because they give exposure and reach more customers and outings because they guarantee revenue.

#3 Give Thought to Tee Times and Scoring Formats

To avoid frustration and wait time, use a shotgun start. Instead of going off one group at a time on the first hole, parties will start simultaneously on different holes of the course. Resulting in a better flow of golfers. 

There are many ways to score during outings. The most common outing format is scramble, which entails everyone in the group hitting from the same spot, proceeding to pick the best shot and going from there.

#4 Everyone loves free stuff

Tee gifts are extremely important for golf outings. A complimentary tee gift can go a long way with customers. It can also be another method to promote your sponsors. Tee gifts are a great way to promote sponsors and they make sure your customers are happy.
If you are looking to purchase tee gifts, check out The TEE box for curated tee gifts perfect for all types of golf outings.

#5 Run an efficient agenda

A golf outing can be a long day for everyone. After a long day of golf your customers will be tired and ready to relax. As part of a good golf outing, you will most likely want to supply your customers with an evening picnic or dinner. Use this time to bring everyone together and give them announcements and updates on any raffles or prices. Having an efficient agenda is extremely important in order to keep people engaged and interested. This means the event runs as smooth as possible, little down time, and food ready to go right away. Efficiency is key for a good and successful golf outing.